Sport Injuries that Require Rehab

Sports rehabilitation treatmentAthletes are prone to various injuries while training or in the course of various competitions. These may vary from minor injuries which may take a short period for one to recover from them, or serious ones that may require surgery and taking some time off from the field. It is important therefore as an athlete to get someone who will help you with sport injuries that require rehab for you to recover better.

Treatment of Mild Injuries

Injuries that take a shorter time to heal entail a simple therapy which may not require one to visit a medical facility. These may either be strains, sprains or any other minor injuries and the therapy for such encompasses the following;

Compression – this involves minimizing the possibilities of a swelling worsening by using elastic compression bandages.

Ice – using a towel, a pack of ice is placed on the affected area. The towel is essential in that it prevents one from getting ice burns.

Protection – the injured part needs to be shielded from anything that may affect it further and a support will be useful in this case.

Elevation – where possible, the affected area should be above the heart’s level which may contribute to the reduction of swelling.

Rest – for injuries on the shoulder a sling may be used and a walking stick or crutches will help support an injured knee or ankle. You also need to minimize physical activities you are bound to get involved in as well as keeping off from any manner of exercise.

Treatment of Serious Injuries

Sports_InjuryRecovery from strains and sprains will take less than a week in most cases and you should be ready to go back to the field by then. However, there are sport injuries that require rehab of a specialized kind if home treatment fails to work. Some of these injuries are as discussed below;

Bursitis – you may opt to use ibuprofen, aspirin or any other drug that may prevent or reduce inflammation of the injured part. In case things get worse, one is advised to visit an orthopaedic surgeon or a rheumatologist.

Tennis elbow – one tends to recover from this condition in the course of time but if the situation does not change, one can use pain killers. A worst case scenario will be where the affected part has to be removed due to persistent pain for a long period. This is done through surgery and it helps eliminate the pain.

Broken wrist or arm – the healing process for such in children tends to be faster than in adults and it may take several weeks or months. These injuries are characterized by bleeding and swelling and referral to a doctor who specializes in bones may be needful for such. The treatment will involve an x-ray scan to check on the extent of the damage and determination of the treatment to be given is done thereafter.

Sport injuries that require rehab may have far reaching effects on the health of individuals if they are not addressed by a doctor in good time. Hence, depending on the nature and extent of the injury, close monitoring is important to determine when it is necessary to seek further treatment.

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