Physical therapy exercises

Physical-Therapy-rehab exersiseThere is no doubt in the fact that physical therapy involves some type of exercise all the time. These exercises help you deal with all the injuries caused by accidents, physical condition or illness. Apart from this, there is another benefit of physical therapy exercises; it helps you prevent future health conditions.

Exercise is almost anything that you do along with your everyday routine that helps improve your endurance, flexibility, coordination and strength. In fact, it also helps you bring some change to how you perform some of your daily activities so that it gives you some benefit. Physical therapy exercises can be anything from stretching exercises for reducing stress or it can be weight lifting for strengthening muscles.

Key benefits of physical therapy exercises:

Physical-Therapy-rehab Physical-Therapy-rehab exersise1The exercises for Physical therapy are quite diverse. However, the biggest benefit of these exercises is that it combines several techniques and methods. Interestingly, getting yourself to perform these exercises will only help you take a step towards good health. Be it to decrease the pain or increase your strength, there is simply nothing better than these exercises. The different physical therapy exercises cater to several body training types which will help you improve the physical condition.

Another benefit of using these exercises is to restore strength and endurance. Along with this, the exercises increase movement capacity and improve coordination as well as balance. Above all, to increase the effectiveness of the exercises, most therapists also use external stimulations such as cold, heat and more.

Types of exercises at a glance: Depending on your need and physical conditions, there is some of the common physical therapy exercises that you need to perform. However, your therapist will suggest you these exercises only after checking your physical condition, goals and your needs.


  1. Range of motion exercises

ROM or Range of Motion exercises generally help you to move the joints freely without any problem such as stiffness. Along with this, these exercises are also performed as part of a warm up session. There are also several types of ROM exercises.

  • Active range of motion- in active range of motion exercises, all the exercises are performed by patients without any assistance. However, patients can take some assistance if required, but mainly the therapist provides cue on how to perform these exercises.
  • Active assistive range of motion- in this type of range of motion exercise, the patient can perform the exercises with some assistance from therapist. Patients can move their limbs or legs, but not freely. This exercise is done to slowly increase the strength.
  • Passive range of motion- in this exercise there is no movement from the patient’s side. This is mainly because stiffness of joints. The therapists help move the joints to prevent stiffness.
  1. Muscle strengthening exercises: 

There are various types of exercises that physical therapist can teach you to strengthen the muscles. In fact, your therapist can help you pick up the right exercise depending on your strength. For instance, if you have weakness in the muscle, the therapist can help you perform an exercise against gravity.

  1. Balance exercises: 

Balance exercises are another type of physical therapy exercises which are extremely helpful. These exercises can help you reduce or prevent falls. Depending on the personal balance level, your therapist can suggest you many exercises.

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