Information about Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

physical-therapy-rehabAfter a prolonged physical injury, surgery or illness, the patient needs to regain his or her previous strength and skills to start normal daily activities once again. Physical Therapy Rehab uses wide varieties of clinically proven techniques to restore functions to the body, regain muscular flexibility and prevent further injuries. Requirement of physiotherapy differs from one person to another. It depends on the age, sex and medical history of the patient. A physiotherapist, also known as Physical Rehabilitation Therapist takes into account all required medical evidences and advice given by the doctors to the concerned patient before starting Physiotherapy.

Different Kinds of Physical Therapy Rehabs:

Physiotherapists use different kinds of rehabilitation activities depending on the problem a patient facing. Here is some popular physiotherapy:

  • Aquatic therapy is a type of rehabilitation that is performed by a physical therapist in a regulated hot aquatic environment. The therapeutic temperature and positive effects of water let post-surgical patients or patients bearing painful conditions to tolerate more exercises than normally he or she can do. Light aerobic activities, different kinds of stretching and strengthening exercises can be performed in a temperature regulated aquatic environment.
  • Balance Therapy is required for those patients who find difficulties in performing daily activities, sports and even find problems while walking. Injuries, weakness and other pathological condition lead to balance deficits in a person. Physiotherapists identifies the primary causes of such balancing problem prescribe some exercises to improve balance.
  • Electrical Stimulation is helpful in many kinds of muscular problems, like muscle contraction, muscular inflexibility, and muscular pains etc. A special machine is used to generate electrical stimulation which painlessly passes to the muscle and rejuvenates muscular tissues. A physical therapy rehab specialists after thorough investigation of the problem determines intensity of electrical stimulation and time of therapy for a patient.
  • Manual Therapy is the most common form of physiotherapy rehab. After a physical injury or surgery, the muscular movement may become slow and painful. Daily activities hamper a lot or in many occasions the patient needs to depend completely on others for daily chores. Physical Therapist, after thorough investigations, advises for specific manual techniques to increase mobility of the muscles and ease the joints.
  • Therapeutic Exercises: Physiotherapists are experts in identifying musculoskeletal dysfunctions. There are certain exercises advised to regain flexibility of muscles. Therapeutic Exercises helps in body balance, restarting sporting activities and also helps in reducing dependence on medicines.
  • Therapeutic Modalities are specialized physiotherapies that use non-surgical and non-medicinal treatments for wide range of conditions. These techniques have been developed after intensive medical research using proven physical therapy rehab procedures. Therapeutic Modalities like ultrasound, infrared light, shortwave diathermy, regulated heat treatment etc. are used in different conditions. These are frequently used in improving muscular activities after an injury to manage pain and re-activate muscles.
  • Spinal Traction is used to relieve back and neck pains. A special machine is used by trained therapist to stretch spine to rejuvenate back muscles and nerves.

Physical Therapy Rehab is done under expert supervision of trained therapists who have taken through training on various aspects of the subject.

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