Causes of Gaming Addiction

video-game-addictionMost teenagers like to spend a good time of their free time playing a wide range of video games. For some teenagers, gaming starts out as a fun recreational activity. Soon, it becomes an addiction. Family members, friends and hygiene start getting neglected as these kids aren’t able to spend a minute of their time away from the game.

Just like other addictions, gaming addiction is also a multi faceted issue. For starters, it’s worth mentioning that video games are designed to be very addictive. In this case, they aren’t addictive in the medical sense of the word. However, game designers keep looking for various ways to make games interesting and even increase the amount of time people need to finish the game.

It’s worth mentioning that there are even websites designed to discuss questions like; What makes a game addictive’. Game designers want you to log in and keep playing the game for a long time. In simple terms, they never want you to stop playing. There’s no doubt that games are specifically designed to be difficult to make sure they are challenging.

It’s important to understand that a lot of games also allow players to achieve several accomplishments that convince them to keep playing. In simple terms, the specific design of video games is very similar to the design of online casinos, which allows players to have some small wins that encourage them to play more. There are many different hooks that designers build into games to make them more addictive. Some of these have been discussed below:

The High Score – Whether you prefer playing basic games or remain interested in complicated games, the high score is considered to be the most easily recognizable trick. When a player is trying to beat the high score, it gives him an instant adrenaline rush. It can keep a player playing the game for hours.

Beating the Game – This particular trick isn’t often used in role playing games. However, it’s easily found in almost every other gaming system. With the desire to beat the game, a player is more likely to stay intrigued.

Role-Playing – These games allow players to achieve more than just the satisfaction of playing the game. In these games, players are able to create characters and embark of several adventures unique to the character. Due to this, there’s often an emotional attachment to the specific character. The story also makes it harder to stop playing.

Discovery – This particular trick is often used in a wide range of role playing games. Currently, one of the most popular game is World of Warcraft. A major portion of this game is spent exploring and discovering imaginary woods. The thrill and excitement of discovery proves to be very compelling.

Relationships – Once again, this is a major trick used by game designers. Role playing games often allow people to build healthy relationships with other players. This gives rise to a community where people feel more accepted.

These were some of the most common causes of gaming addictions. When you don’t want your kids to get addicted to gaming, it’s important to supervise them and keep a check on their activity.

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