Drug Addiction Causes

Drug addiction causesDrug addiction is where a person uses drugs in a repeated manner over a long period of time. It also refers to a situation where a person uses drugs in increasing amounts over a period of time. Moreover, the evidence of drug addiction is where the addict experiences withdrawal symptoms after he or she stops using drugs.

There are many factors that can cause drug addiction. Examples of these are genetic, environmental and psychological factors. In most cases, two or more of these factors work together to cause drug addiction. Some addicts confess that ignorance also contributes to drug addiction. They can get addicted after trying new drugs for the first time. Illness can also contribute to drug addiction. For example, a patient receiving pain killers such as oxycodone can get addicted to the medication. Read on for a breakdown of the drug addiction causes.

Psychological causes

Most doctors and specialists agree that psychological problems cause most cases of drug addiction. Examples of these are;

. Trauma
. Sexual abuse
. Mental illness
. Socialization problems

Trauma sustained when a person was young can cause drug addiction. Activities such as sexual abuse, chaos at home as well as neglect can cause a person to get addicted to drugs. This occurs when the person tries to numb out the pain of these memories or situations with drugs. Over time, the use of drugs causes addiction. Mental illnesses can also cause drug addiction. For example, illnesses such as depression can cause one to abuse drugs and get addicted. Moreover, if a person is a social outcast, performs badly at school or work or they don’t know how to cope with stress, they can easily abuse and get addicted to drugs.

Environmental causes

More causes of Drug addictionThe environment that a person lives in can easily cause one to get addicted to drugs. People who live in an environment where drug abuse is seen as normal or is permitted are more likely to get addicted to drugs. In addition to that, children who are raised in homes where people abuse drugs are very likely to get addicted to drugs. Most of the cases of drug addiction occur in teenagers. If the parents of a teenager are not attentive, are abusive or they neglect their child, he or she is very likely to get into drug addiction.


Some other environmental causes are associated with social groups. A teenager is very likely to get addicted to performance enhancing drugs if they are in a team where the teammates use them casually. Also, if a person hangs out with a social group that uses drugs casually, they are very likely to get into drug addiction. According to statistics, people who are of lower socioeconomic status are more likely to get into drug addiction. Moreover, ethnicity and gender also contribute to the likelihood of a person to get into drug addiction.

Genetic causes

In some cases, drug addiction runs in the family. According to studies that have been conducted, the genetics are halfway responsible for a person getting into drug addiction. The genetic causes are associated with multiple gene sequences. For example, some people can have addicted brain receptors of nicotine that are predisposed to getting addicted. Drug addiction is a serious social problem and it is important to create awareness about it in the community.

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