Causes Of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is simply an uncontrollable need of alcohol. That urge for that toxic liquid. It can be a keg, whiskey, wine, vodka, or any other hard liquor. When you cannot keep off from a daily intake of alcohol then simply that is the preliminary phase of alcohol addiction. Soon you will be an alcohol addict, and you will not be able to do anything without the influence of alcohol.

Why Do People Become Alcoholics?

Occasional alcohol intake

Social drinking or drinking on a few occasions is a norm in many societies. Spending a romantic evening with a friend, celebrating a success with beer, or sharing a glass of wine during the festivities is safe as long as it is limited to such occasions. Even having a drink on the weekends with friends is also fine as long as one knows his limits.

So, when does this drinking become an alcohol addiction?

Alcohol consumption becomes an alcohol addiction when it’s consumed on a daily basis, not limited to a small drink. It becomes addiction when the addict has it to overcome his grief to feel simply good. It is an addiction when the person has to have his drink even if the situation does not call for. And if he is forcibly not given his drink, then his body experiences withdrawal symptoms such as a headache, loss of appetite, depression, not in the mood to socialize, etc.


Alcohol Addiction Causes

Mood lifter – Alcohol is a proven mood lifter. It has inhibitory effects on the brain and brings about the feeling of satisfaction and general well being. It makes someone forget all his all his or her worries and problems. For this reason, many people tend to indulge in alcohol to enjoy above effects. In the process, they end up overdoing it and in return it causes more harm than it good as it reaches a point where they can no longer function about it. They end up being alcohol addicts hence becoming a problem both to themselves and those around them as they are forced to take it for survival.

Peer pressure – We live in a society full of our peers. Those people whom we tend to spend most of our times with. When our friends are alcoholics we end up being alcoholics too as we tend to do all we can to retain our friends and do all they are doing. Again they also tend to convince us to take it initially and with the passage of time we end up being alcoholics just as our friends are.

Stress – Under stress, alcohol tends to bring a feeling of disconnect from the world of reality. This makes us forget all our worries and problems and as a result, we get a temporary relieve from stress. Continued usage of alcohol to relieve stress finally results to alcohol addiction.

The long-term effects of alcohol addiction on the nervous system are chronic depression, dementia, impotence, blindness, stroke and heart attack. Excessive intake of alcohol reduces the size of the brain. It leads to vitamins deficiency that in turn could lead to memory loss and lack of co-ordination. In the long run, the brain does not control the addict but alcohol begins to control the human being. Thus, it’s an imperative that a person with alcohol addiction needs treatment immediately.

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