Alcohol Addiction – Facts & Myths: What You Ought to Know

alcohol factsMyths usually float about for years making everyone convinced of its legitimacy which is most often terribly inaccurate or wrong. People never seem to even question or validate certain theories which could hinder one’s success greatly. Addiction, among so many others, is but one of the most talked about with hundreds of myths that surround the topic. In order to dispel and put a stop to the spreading of some of the popular myths, let us focus on the real and truth versus the untruth that we have a tendency to believe! Read along to find out more on the top myths and truths on alcohol addiction.

Myth: Addiction is just a bad habit, addicts can easily quit as soon as they muster their will.

Fact: Alcohol drinking can be a very bad habit, which could well lead to grave addiction but as soon as the individual is diagnosed as addicted to it, it is not just some bad habit. Some call a habit something that people usually do that they are not supposed to. A bad habit even at the face of troubles and circumstances are mere behaviors such as when you leave the toilet-seat up or when you forget the toothpaste-lid back on. Craving alcohol is more than just a habit and with regards to quitting in a snap, it can be tricky because hormones are constantly changing within the brain and it doesn’t only involve the “strength” that an addict should find. It has to be a combination of properly supervised treatment and support and then life will do its part in reversing the ills of the addiction.

Myth: Treatment is an utter joke, just look at the number of people relapse!

Fact: The actual percentage of people that relapse is very high but it doesn’t mean it is ineffective and not worthwhile at all. People think it is magic and the cure of society’s problems but actually the goal is basically to help those that are suffering with alcohol addiction to better cope up and reduce the financial, societal and health problems that the addiction causes. Those that undergo treatment achieve total abstinence with the help of community-based groups but majority find help from outpatient-based treatments and many are able to overcome the addiction paired with self-help information too.

Myth: Someone that became an alcoholic has mental issues that led them to addiction.

Fact: This can be true in some cases but one size doesn’t fit all when speaking about addiction. Disorders’ prevalence such as depression or bi-polar syndrome is high among alcoholics but how can you determine which one came first? Many alcoholics do not suffer from mental disorders; that is the blanket statement and it simply isn’t true.

There are a lot of myths out there regarding alcohol addiction and path which individuals take on with their lives. The above-mentioned is just some of the popular myths which are frequently quoted by good-intention Joes. They are usually just trying to help although sometimes advises that you get from non-experts could be dangerous. Before you start taking something for face value, research on it and figure out if it is actually the truth or just another myth.


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